Ode Welded Chain Bracelet
Ode Welded Chain Bracelet
Ode Welded Chain Bracelet
Ode Welded Chain Bracelet

Ode Welded Chain Bracelet

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A beautiful chain adornment available in Solid 9ct Gold or Sterling Silver, linked to your wrist to wear permanently. Your constant base, to layer your other jewellery pieces beside. A personal ode holding close memories, people, loves and affirmations, things that are with us permanently. 

What are ‘Ode Welded Chains’? 

A fine chain adornment in Solid 9ct Gold or Sterling Silver tailor fitted and welded together permanently. For wearing constantly, no clasp, always with you. Just like other a. pieces Ode Welded Chains can be worn permanently without tarnishing. 

How do I book an appointment? Where are appointments?

Appointments are made via the made by a. Website. Appointments are held in our studio at 72 Bull St Cooks Hill Newcastle. 

Does putting the Ode Welded Chain on hurt?

No! Not at all! Getting your Ode Welded Chain linked does not involve any connection to your skin, just the metal of the band.

Can you take the chain off? Can I have it re-linked later?

Yes! If you need to you can carefully cut one of the fine metal chain links to remove the chain. Do this carefully so as not to damage the whole chain. You may contact us to have it reattached for a fee of $30.

Will I have trouble going through airport security?

No! The Ode Welded Chain is just like any other fine jewellery that you wear and such a small amount of metal that it should not affect any detectors.  

Can I gift an Ode Welded Chain?

Yes! Simply purchase an Ode Welded Chain gift card via the website. 

What if my chain breaks?

Your Ode Welded Chain comes with a 30 day warranty from date of appointment. If you have any issues within this timeframe please contact shop@madeby-a.com. If the instance of a break outside of this timeframe or caused by wear and tear, a repair fee of $30 is incurred. Please be mindful that our Ode Welded Chains are delicate and need to be treated appropriately.

Please read full T&C's here