She adjusts the clasp on the necklace
that holds the memories of her loved ones,
sliding on the ring worn by her mother, 
feeling the calming weight of the metal on her skin.
Her open jewellery box is a mindful collection of memoirs, family, treasure and self worth found and passed down to her.
A ritual made each morning to begin her day.

Amelia’s purpose for a. is to reconnect people to the maker.
To open up a conversation, to learn about the person that made their product,
the how & why of the making process and to ultimately find more connection
and meaning to a purchase. 

“I believe in a collection of everyday adornment,
to lift you up and create your personal style.
Growing your collection with mindful purchases,
supporting small & local is what a. and maker embodies.
I adore and appreciate jewellery for the memories attached to each piece
as well as its beautiful ability to send love to someone close to you,
  or for yourself when you need it most."